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A pretty Github Pages template

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PrettyPages is just an HTML template that makes it easy for you to create nice looking Github Pages for your projects. This page was created using PrettyPages.

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PrettyPages comes with a flat horizontal menu, where you can place links, and add the title of your project. This menu is responsive at lower screen sizes.

You can also add pretty code snippets that have syntax highlighting thanks to RainbowJS! These come in a variety of different themes.

    YUI().use('node', function(Y) {
      Y.log('YUI Loaded. Vroom vroom!');

You can also display nice looking buttons thanks to YUI's CSSButton module. Add the .yui3-button class to a a element to make a nice looking button, and add the primary-button class to make a really big callout button.

Regular button Primary button

More Content

In general, all your content should be placed inside a div class="content". You can use code elements to highlight inline-code. If you want sub-headings, those are nicely styled too.

A sub-heading

Use h3 for subheadings! If you want something smaller, you can go for an h4.

A sub-sub heading

That's what an h4 looks like.